Broken But Beautiful Season 3

Broken But Beautiful Season 3

Broken But Beautiful Season 3 is a 2021 Romantic Drama Hindi language Web Series. The third season is the story of Agastya and Rumi - two people from very different worlds. Love came looking for them when they were chasing their personal obsessions. Their journey comes a full circle when they realize that it is to hard to fall out of love, than in it. Broken But Beautiful Season 3 stars Sidharth Shukla (as Agastya Rao), Sonia Rathee (as Rumi Desai), Ehan Bhat (as Ishan Rana, Rumi's love-interest), Saloni Khanna (as Maira, Rumi's younger sister), Taniya Kalra (as Farah, Agastya's friend and PR manager), Manvir Singh (as Rishabh, Agastya's colleague), Jahnavi Dhanrajgir (Sakshi, Agastya's colleague), Tanvi Shinde (as Vinny, Rumi's friend), Bijay Anand (as Dilip Desai, Rumi's step-father), Nandinii Sen (as Vasundhara Desai, Rumi's mother), Bishakha Thapa (as Gul, Rumi's friend), Trisha Mukherjee, Vidhaan Sharma. Broken But Beautiful 3 is streaming on AltBalaji. Here are some Superhit, Famous Romantic, Love and Heart Broken Dialogues, Quotes, Punch Lines and Lyrics by Agastya aka Sidharth Shukla & Rumi aka Sonia Rathee from Broken But Beautiful Season 3.

Naam bante hai risk se ... chu**ye bante ishq se

I was on the top of my game ... aur zindagi ke lowest point par ... woh bhi same time pe as if she cursed me

Koi tumse pyaar naa kare isse tumhara pyaar kam nahi ho jaata ... tumhara pyaar kaafi hai ... tum kaafi ho

Mere pass sirf 2 hi option hain that I have a great relationship with my wife and be labelled as a crazy man or completely stop talking to her and be labelled as a normal man, but I prefer the crazy one.

This is what I always wanted ... to have all eyes on me ... but you know it’s f**king scary ... when you get what you wanted

Main pyaar karti hu tumse, tum nahi karte toh na sahi, mera pyaar kaafi hai, main kaafi hoon.

Star: Unknown
Tags: Love

Kitni ajeeb baat hai ki "I still love you" ko Kisi ke "I don’t love you anymore" se fark nahi padta

Aisa kya tut sakta hai do logon ke beech ke tukde bhi na mile?

Pyaar kya kisi expiry date ke sath aata hai?

Ek relationship ko khatam karne ke liye ek insaan ki "Naa" hi kaafi hai

Dekha, genuine hai ... your hate for me

Ab barood khola ... toh aag toh lagegi hi

Tumne mujhe yahaa pe isliye bulaya hai ... so you could use me

I am warrior ... jeet lungi jo mera hai

Ab yahaa se kahan? I have no idea, kabhi kabhi naa pata hone mein hi asli maza hai

Obsession never ends, it just shifts

Star: Unknown
Tags: Drama

Kash yeh move on ki koi antibiotic pill banakar de sakte.

Uske saath jo tha uska to koi naam hai hi nahi, Yes, I loved someone but someone lived me. Aur kabhi kabhi zindagi guzar jati hai farq samajhne mein

Jealously and Revenge ... Your my kind of a girl

Broken things can be beautiful too

I wanted so much something so much ki maine apne aap ko convince kar diya ki wo pyaar hai

Mujhe laga woh pyaar hai, lekin pyaar conditional to nahi hota na.

Bahut mechanical hai ... not required

Sometimes the moments that gonna change your life are the moments you never expected

I just think you love too much. Itna pyaar kisi bhi cheej se nahi karna chahiye.

Star: Unknown
Tags: Love

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